We consult on and develop software for solving your most challenging technical computing problems in scientific or industrial areas.

If you are tackling an industrial problem and you want to outsource it to avoid programming drudgery, or if you are a researcher and you need help not to distract the attention on the main focus of your research: hire us!

We have a 10+ years experience in solving scientific problems in a rigorous way by using the appropriate numerical techniques; we hold the International Software Testing Qualification and software lifecycle management skills.
We have the right background for delivering solutions from theoretical conception to practical implementation.

We help the customer to find the most effective and fast solution strategy that fits his needs and resolve questions that are crucial to his business. We can build complete numerical algorithms applications.
When our programs are delivered, we also accompany the customer to use them with training and support.

Based on our experience on programming parallel architectures, we are ready to face computationally intensive problems, optimizing our algorithms for running on multi-core computers, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) or hybrid resources.
With our customized software you skip purchasing licenses for expensive general purpose software which you have to learn using and/or are not necessarily what you really desire.
We also provide CUDA consulting and coding services to porting to and accelerating your algorithms on CUDA platforms.

Contact us! If the solution to your problem is quick and requires minor effort from us, then it will be our pleasure to offer our consultancy for free; otherwise, you will get a quote customized to your inquiry.